What Exactly is an Ocean Cremation Urn™?

In many respects, an Ocean Cremation Urn™ is like other cremation urns; it’s a vessel that is specially designed to safely and permanently protect the cremated remains of an individual or couple into perpetuity. But there are two things that make Great Burial Reefs® unique: where they are intended to be placed, and what happens to them afterwards.

The Great Burial Reef® Ocean Cremation Urns™ shown on this page were designed through a collaborative process over many years that involved marine biologists and ecologists, construction experts, and funeral service professionals. Our Ocean Cremation Urns™ are true works of art and utterly unique because they are specifically designed to protect your loved one’s remains… forever… at the bottom of the ocean.

Equally unique, once placed on the ocean floor, each Ocean Cremation Urn™ will instantly begin to attract and foster marine plant and animal life, and over time they will become so surrounded and involved with fish, crustaceans, and marine plants that they become thriving undersea habitats for hundreds of species, and remarkably indistinguishable from natural reef formations. Check out a short underwater film showing the progressive life that surrounds an Ocean Cremation Urn™ over a three-year period.

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