Natural concrete Ocean Cremation Urns...

which quickly become living marine ecosystems once placed on the ocean floor.

A Great Burial Reef is a simple and dignified final resting place for anyone who chooses cremation... whether you have a connection to the ocean, care for the environment and want to contribute to land preservation, or are simply looking for something different and more permanent than scattering.

We proudly offer two beautiful Ocean Cremation Urns, and an option for your family to privately travel to sea with us through our Family Witness Services to witness the ocean placement of your loved one's Ocean Cremation Urn from the comforts of a luxury ocean-class vessel.

We understand this may be a difficult time for you, and we're here to help. Since 1999, we've been helping families who choose cremation to uniquely celebrate the lives of their loved ones... one honored individual... and one loving family at a time.

"It went well beyond my expectations.
I would highly recommend Great Burial Reef. It was very elegant. It was just wonderful."

"What you offer is valuable to the environment. I'm proud that my uncle's reef is all about life - that's how he would want to be remembered."

"Your service, and being at sea allowed my mind to be at peace during such a difficult time. It showed me how much you really do care about everyone involved."

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